Goodies on the Porch

So many exciting things waiting on the front porch for me today!

Fifty Shades Trilogy. All I really know about these books is that people say they are amazing. And dirty. Oh so dirty.


The worlds best smelling sunscreen in lotion form.


Yellow carrots (note the open bag) that are so sweet and delicious from Green Bean Delivery.


Lemon Stevia Drops. I use my vanilla on EVERYTHING. So pumped to experiment with these.

And this wasn’t on the porch, but must be shared! I found this peanut butter at Fresh Market a few days ago.  After bringing it home, I was embarrassed to find this line-up of nut butters (please forgive the horrible pictures from my phone)….

But back to the wonderfully exciting one…

Cookie dough flavored peanut butter.  Are you kidding me.  It is delicious.  I think it would taste good on just about anything, but embarrassingly, the only way I have eaten it so far is in spoonfuls out of the jar…


Next on my list to try: Razzle Dazzle: a blend of raspberry, white chocolate and dark chocolate…

I have a problem.


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Life as a newlywed: the quest for our first home, healthy living, and just plain enjoying life.

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