Farmers Market

My mom and I went to a nearby farmers market yesterday morning.  It was a fun little trip! Next time I plan to go hungry because there were all sorts of goodies I wanted to eat! There is a crepe stand where they have both savory (bacon, spinach, cheese, egg) and sweet (nutella and banana) crepes, a grilled pizza stand, an ice cream stand with flavors such as maple/bacon and cilantro/lime…..lots of things I want to try.  

I made it out with a pound of ground bison


And a few single servings of fun homemade pasta! (super easy cooking instructions huh??)



Up and at ’em early again this morning-tried to go back to sleep after my husband got up for work, but was of course unsuccessful.  


Enjoying my first delicious try of this


It is not quite as good as the coconut creme creamer that my parents always have for their coffee, but also doesn’t have all the sugar and fat, so I nice compromise.


Off to take the dog for a quick walk before going to the Dailey Method for a butt-kicking class!  

Happy Sunday morning 🙂


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