Unexpected Day Off!

Started the morning off on an interesting note-got to work, was told that they had me down for a paid-time-off day.  I said I would just stay, since I was already all dressed and ready to go (not saying much, since I wear beautiful green scrubs to work), but after sitting at my desk, I realized I needed to take advantage of these far and few between chances to have time off and I left!  


Plan for the day is to head to the gym, run 7 miles (legs are still on fire from The Dailey Method yesterday), try to get a little sun at the pool (I likely won’t last long in the 94 degree heat and extreme humidity), and head over to Lululemon to see if they have any Map the Mat Passports left! Starting July 1st, if you have a passport, you have access to fitness classes around town each day! Unfortunately it is too hot to take the Kobester for a walk, so he will be enjoying the air conditioning from his crate for a lot of today.  






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Life as a newlywed: the quest for our first home, healthy living, and just plain enjoying life.

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