Overnight Oats

I have been loving overnight oats for breakfast recently.  Brett thinks they are slimy, but I like having something cold, plus they are super filling and leave me NOT raiding the hospital for graham crackers at 10:30am.


This is the base for my oats! 

Overnight Oats

1/3 cup old fashioned oats (uncooked)

1 cup milk

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

2 tbsp chia seeds

6 drops vanilla stevia

cinnamon to taste


Stir together the dry ingredients, then pout the wet ingredients and give another stir.



Put in a closed container and let it sit in the fridge overnight!


In the morning, I have been tossing a handful of blueberries in and enjoying 🙂


Before the heat strikes…

Got my Dailey Method on early this morning before work so that I could enjoy the sun for a little while late this afternoon! Sat out by the pool and read Fitness magazine for about 90 minutes after work-I will not be enjoying the sun tomorrow when it is 104 degrees here in Indy.  


I also ran into the grocery to buy ingredients for the funfetti dip I’m going to make for a Fourth of July pitch-in this weekend…I’ll share this little gem later-get pumped 🙂

We are going to get sushi tonight with a groupon I bought a few months back.  It is to a place I have never tried, so I’m excited to try out a new place.

I will be using ANOTHER groupon tomorrow morning to go try out my first TRX class!


I actually have tomorrow off, so I’m going to this class, going to get my hair done (going to try something new!) and running a few errands, staying out of the heat as much as possible! 

Farmers Market

My mom and I went to a nearby farmers market yesterday morning.  It was a fun little trip! Next time I plan to go hungry because there were all sorts of goodies I wanted to eat! There is a crepe stand where they have both savory (bacon, spinach, cheese, egg) and sweet (nutella and banana) crepes, a grilled pizza stand, an ice cream stand with flavors such as maple/bacon and cilantro/lime…..lots of things I want to try.  

I made it out with a pound of ground bison


And a few single servings of fun homemade pasta! (super easy cooking instructions huh??)



Up and at ’em early again this morning-tried to go back to sleep after my husband got up for work, but was of course unsuccessful.  


Enjoying my first delicious try of this


It is not quite as good as the coconut creme creamer that my parents always have for their coffee, but also doesn’t have all the sugar and fat, so I nice compromise.


Off to take the dog for a quick walk before going to the Dailey Method for a butt-kicking class!  

Happy Sunday morning 🙂

Green Bean Delivery

We got our second shipment from Green Bean Delivery this week! We are signed up to get the small produce bin bi-weekly.


This weeks shipment didn’t disappoint.  What’s nice about this site is that a few days before your order is to be delivered you get an email telling you what is in your bin for the week.  Then, you have the option to substitute things and as long as your order value stays over $35 you don’t have to pay shipping. Yukon gold potatoes were on our list this week, so I quickly took them out of the order and added and avacado, an apple and a lemon! So easy!


Our order doesn’t get delivered until a little later in the day, but the bin comes with ice packs to keep everything fresh. 


Those are just a few of the organic and mostly local goodies from our shipment.


Husband worked this morning to make some extra money 🙂 so I of course have been up since he got up.  I have done 4 loads of laundry (it’s 8:45am!!!) and taken Kobe for a walk.


Now I am headed to the farmers market with my mom in hopes of finding some delicious treats! I’m hoping to get some bison to bring home to make burgers.  Then a little gym, sun and a wedding to attend tonight! 

Hope to have some farmers market finds to share!

Ran for clothes….

Today I ran for clothes, oops.  I watched Kathy and Hoda (but it was Regis!) while I ran, and it ended, and I ended.  Short of my 7 miles but a nice little run.  Did about 10 minutes of minute walk/minute sprints in there too to keep me motivatedImage


Thennnnnn I went to the mall.  And got these.



And this.  Image


On my way to unload our Green Bean Delivery (I’ll let you know what surprises we got later!) and then headed to the Dailey Method to get my pilates/yoga/ballet barre on 🙂


Unexpected Day Off!

Started the morning off on an interesting note-got to work, was told that they had me down for a paid-time-off day.  I said I would just stay, since I was already all dressed and ready to go (not saying much, since I wear beautiful green scrubs to work), but after sitting at my desk, I realized I needed to take advantage of these far and few between chances to have time off and I left!  


Plan for the day is to head to the gym, run 7 miles (legs are still on fire from The Dailey Method yesterday), try to get a little sun at the pool (I likely won’t last long in the 94 degree heat and extreme humidity), and head over to Lululemon to see if they have any Map the Mat Passports left! Starting July 1st, if you have a passport, you have access to fitness classes around town each day! Unfortunately it is too hot to take the Kobester for a walk, so he will be enjoying the air conditioning from his crate for a lot of today.  





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